Celina Oh Portfolio



Design for me is the bridge between my two favorite activities; creating art and helping people. 

Hi there, I'm Celina, a graphic designer born in New York, raised in Las Vegas, and now residing in San Francisco. As a city dweller that came from little means, I find myself interested in the way we develop our communities. My mother and I spent our weekends doing anything to help others, from running registration booths at benefit galas to sorting food for shelters. Through volunteerism, I realized that while helping others in whatever way I can was important to me, the creativity of its solutions was what I really thrived on. That is why I design.

"Thank you" is my favorite phrase to hear as a people-pleaser, but only if well deserved. As someone that puts her all into everything she does, I often work from dusk to dawn to get to solutions I can be proud of. If you would like to discuss a new opportunity, feel free to send me an email or a direct message.


fun facts :

My initials are C.E.O.
I was a baby model
I love dairy, but am lactose intolerant